Weishut! Management B.V. is originally a Dutch company, now based in Rio de Janeiro with operations throughout Brazil.

The company supports European and North-American companies that conduct business or wish to establish a business in Brazil.


Entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Even with a (good) Brazilian business partner you can’t just fly to Brazil a couple of times per year and expect things to go smoothly.

To be successful in Brazil requires an ongoing presence and supervision. Even clear agreements won’t guarantee that things will get done or executed. Our job is to make sure business goes smoothly and that no time is wasted due to miscommunications (for instance because of cultural differences). Doing business in Brazil isn’t the same as in the western world. One needs to interact on different social levels to establish a reliable and fruitful relationship. Trust must be gained. We make sure both business partners have realistic and clear expectations of each other. One of Weishut! Management’s main areas of expertise in Brazil is Water Management and Infrastructure.


Ruben Weishut, the director of Weishut! Management has an extensive background in marketing management and business development, with strong analytical and strategic experience. Previously he worked for companies like Heinz, PepsiCo, Cadbury Schweppes, Numico and AKZO Nobel Coatings. He has an in-depth understanding of how western companies operate and what their expectations are. At the same time, he also knows what moves the "brasileiro"; an opportunity to earn money isn’t always enough of an incentive to move forward.


The concept of Weishut! Management is new in Brazil.

Traditional consulting companies offer “matchmaking” services to help foreign companies find an appropriate Brazilian partner for their business endeavor. Once the match is completed, they consider their job done. Weishut! Management B.V. goes much further and helps companies overcome any difficulties they may encounter in doing business in Brazil. Weishut! is your company’s “eyes and ears” in Brazil. Weishut! is your sparring partner and gives advice on how to deal with the Brazilian business world, its culture and mentality.

More importantly, Weishut! makes sure things get done right.


The mission of Weishut! Management is to provide its clients with the expertise and advice to make their business endeavor in Brazil a success. We draw from our extensive network of contacts and expertise to provide customized services that match the specific business needs. 


By hiring Weishut! Management you will be able to conduct your business faster, smoother and more efficiently, while saving yourself money and a great deal of frustration.


Weishut! Management B.V.

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